Yvonne B.

  • from Australia
  • 25-05-2017
We would recommend that Australians should take perhaps a quarter of their money in euros as there were times when it was cheaper to pay in euros than Turkish lire. 

Guides all really good, if different. All very open with regard to Turkey and the current political situation there. 
Mehmet - very knowledgeable, friendly and an excellent driver. 
Ferit - very knowledgeable with a real passion for the Romans. Also has a great sense of humour - very dry. 
Mustafa - very knowledgeable, gave us some very thoughtful insights into Islam. Friendly and open

Felt very safe at all times. We have travelled widely in South America, Africa, Europe and Asia, and interestingly we had no concerns in Turkey about muggings, pickpockets, etc. Much better than Paris in that respect. 

All connections went smoothly. 

Fabulous trip. Will definitely promote your company to friends. 
Thanks Michael. 

Yvonne and John B.