K. Terry

  • from Canada
  • 14-04-2011
Hello. Thank you for booking our trip to Cappadocia. What an awesome area, packed full with ancient history. The Cappadocia Hotel was a little more opulent than was expected, but truly lovely with an excellent breakfast which was even more appreciated due to the very active tours. While both our guides and bus drivers were good, Not only the guide did he speak English very clearly, but also his knowledge of the history behind Cappadocia was considerable and delivered gradually to provide better understanding. Even more impressive, was his ability and willingness to discuss other items of interest to me: religion, politics, the Syrian refugee crisis, media reporting and economic impact of recent violence. He was no ordinary tourist guide. Thank you for the experience. My daughters and I will do our best to change attitudes in our various social and work circles. We found the Turkish people to be helpful, not too pushy with sales, considerate of tourist needs and just genuinely nice. Security was a little over the top at times, but better than the opposite.Sincerely