Geoff & Coral Mowthorpe.

  • from Australia
  • 27-04-2016

Hi Memehet, you were our fantastic Istanbul guide for our little group of 4 for 2 days back in May 2014. During that time you kindly arranged for a restaurant booking down in Goreme with your friend Memhet at his family restaurant Diblek so we could experience the traditional clay pot cooking later in our tour. I think he rang you at the time we were there to say our whole TTC group of 10 ended up going there for dinner not just our 4 and it was a fabulous experience and one of our trip highlights - both the food and his own wines were spectacular!.

As chance would have it I was changing the TV channel last Monday sitting in our home in Melbourne, Australia heading to a particular channel that so I could watch the stage 1 highlights of the ‘Presidential tour of Turkey’ bike race which was in Istanbul, then the live stage 2 coverage which was to be in Cappadocia and specifically going through Goreme several times   - when a show on another channel grabbed my attention.

It was a food show done by an Australian Travel writer and this week was featuring Turkey. There on the screen was Diblek, and Memhet as large as life talking about his clay pots, his family and his restaurant! The specific segment lasted for maybe 10 minutes and both Coral and I were fascinated by it……it bought back lots of special memories of not only a memorable dinner but of the fantastic time we had in Turkey touring with TTC.

I had to make contact so you could let him know we and probably others saw him on the TV and he is definitely an international star now!

Memhet – hope you and the family are going well ….guess you are about to get very busy.

Michael and TTC – we had a great time with you and all your staff and talk about our experiences often. We hope you all stay safe and business continues to go well.

All the best,