Julie Hasan

  • from Naples Florida
  • 05-04-2010
The experience we had in Turkey is beyond unforgettable. Even thou my husband and I have visited Turkey many times before I can truly say that we really had a trip of a lifetime by choosing a tour to really get the most out of the country. We choose a 5 day tour, Ephesus, Pambukalee and Cappodica it was full of adventure, history, religion, culture, art and seeing/hearing the different aspects of human history was very fascinating. All the travel services with flight and busses were professional, prompt and very clean with no hick-ups! The drivers were helpful with our luggage’s, had water in the vans for us and very patient while waiting for us thru out the day. The location and accommodations of the hotels were very good, the best one was in Cappodica our room was in a cave it was unbelievable. In all the restaurants we ate the food was mesmerizing all I can say we were in food “Coma” everyday so much variety, so tasteful! Our tour guides were excellent, friendly, educated, had a passion for history and spoke very good English, spending a day with each of them we got to know a little about each other which was a pleasure. I want to say our first tour guide Dogukan Genc in Ephesus set the standard of professionalism,Knowledge, his personality and eagerness to share history showed every time he spoke about the city and Turkey. Mr. Oktay in Pambukallee , Ms. Gunul and Mr. Mustafa in Cappadocia all were great tour guides and shared the history –culture of each of the areas. The view of the “fire chimneys” in Cappapodica were spectacular once you got to the top it was breath taking. Working with Turkey Travel Center Michael Altan and Ihsan Dincel made the tour complete and stress free. I have to say booking a trip all online and communicating via email months in advance you wonder if it everything is going to be to our standards, now that we have completed the trip we can say that it was a “TRIP of a lifetime” and I would definitely come back and visit many other parts of Turkey that we have still to see!