Lee & Jeff (Glenn & Jennie)

  • from Australia
  • 01-09-2012

Thanks for the most wonderful, fanstastic tailored Lycian Classic tour. We appreciate the time and effort you put in to cover all facets of the itinerary to make it effortless and well organised. All transfers, accommodation, flights, etc were ideal and timing was excellent. We cannot find fault in your choices of accommodation. Would love to have spent an extra night at the farm at Kayakoy as our hostess and food was exceptional. People everywhere were friendly, driving not too bad. One highlight was our stay at Kalekoy with our boat trip over the sunken city and, of course, swimming everywhere. Another was Cappadocia with balloon flight and walk through the valley. 

Once again, thank you for making our trip so enjoyable. A wonderful experience. After telling our friends of our venture we are sure you will be receiving enquiries from them!