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  • from Australia
  • 02-09-2013

Exceptional service!! Satisfaction guaranteed.

Turkey travel centre tailored our needs Explicitly. From the moment we landed in Turkey excellent service started. Everything was organized.Customer service is their main priority which is seldom to see this time. 

Michael Altman and his team made our itinerary very interesting. We're able to tick our bucket list. It was fun filled journey. We're able to chill and relax. Excellent in all aspects.

We met a lot of amazing people who's always ready to help us. The tour guides like Orhan Sahan ( tour guide for Mt Nemrut). His very professional , informative and hospitable. He prioritized our wants. 

Kanan, Mehmet they are very knowledgeable and competent with their roles. For the best driver Sadick thank u.

For TTC travel staffs (Altan , Rezzack , Mahmut) they welcomed us with big smiles. They are pleasant and accommodating. We felt were in a safe place. Thank you!! 

Four weeks Around Turkey was amazing experienced for me. Especially in Cappadocia " my fave place ". It's truly a treasure of Turkey. As if I'm in a different era. The underground city is a must see  very interesting place. You'll be amaze how clever the ancient people are. The hot air ballon was the best , you'll have the best vista for sunrise and fairy chimneys. Memorable experienced for me.

The stone cave hotel was a perfect place to stay, located in the old city and close to everything. Spacious and clean room, they have comfy beds which is important after a busy day. 

TTC provided us with great hotels mostly in the old city, good location , accommodating staffs and Free wifi available. They have safe and reliable drivers. We received exceptional services from everyone.

Rezzack from TTC thank u for being hospitable, friendly and accommodating. Very kind of you to spent your day off with us. 

Thank you very much gracious Ihsan Dincel. Who's always ready to entertain our calls and emails. His was truthful to his words always there for us 24/7. Even last minute request he will do anything just to please us. Big thanks also for lending us your mobile phone for the entire trip. We saved a lot of fortune. You made our trip a lot easier.

To everyone who helped and made our trip a memorable thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Good job everyone!!

Hence, TTC are reliable and trusted agency. They are TRUSTWORTHY!! You'll receive exceptional service from them. At the same time they offer exceptional choices of excursions at affordable rate. They are highly recommended.