Greece Package & Escorted Tours

Days: 4 Corinth Canal - Nauplion - Mycenae - Tripolis - Megalopolis – Olympia - Ilia – Achaia - Corinthian Bay - Nafpactos (Lepanto) - Itea – Delphi - Kalambaka – Meteora - Trikala – Lamia - Thermopylae
Classical Tour with Meteora

An extension of the classical 4-day tour to include the impressive Meteora monasteries that stand high on cliff faces. All dating from the 14th to 16th centuries, the ancient architecture and stunning relics should not be missed. Please ask for details and pricing.

Days: 5 Athens - Thebes - Delphi - Kalambaka (Meteora) - Mount Olympos – Thessaloniki - Veria (Biblical Beroea) - Naoussa - Edessa - Pella – Thessaloniki - Vergina - Thessaly - Lamia - Thermopylae - Thebes - Athens
Northern Greece Tour

Delve into the mysterious historical sites of northern Greece including 14th century monasteries, the famous ancient site of Delphi, and Mount Olympos that is prominent in Greek mythology. Also, enjoy one day of touring ancient Macedonia, and Thessaloniki that was a prime city of Byzantium. Please ask for details and pricing.

Days: 6 Athens - Kusadasi - Patmos - Crete - Santorini - Athens
Danae Tour

3 days touring on land and 3 days touring by boat is one of the most unique holidays you will ever take. This tour is a combination visit to Turkey and Greece, starting in the historically rich destination of Athens. Additional highlight on the visit is the world famous Roman ruins of Ephesus. Please ask for details and pricing.

Days: 7 Athens - Mycenae - Olympia - Delphi - Meteora - Dion - Thessaloniki - Thebes - Athens
Big Classical Tour of Greece

A week’s tour of all major attractions of Greece including the origin site of the Olympics games, Olympia and Delphi that was an important Oracle site of ancient Greece. Also on the itinerary is a visit to the second largest city Thessaloniki, where you can see the school of the renowned philosopher Aristotle. Please ask for details and pricing.

Days: 8 Athens - Mykonos - Santorini - Athens
Niki Tour

The Niki tour visits the highly recommended destinations of romantic Santorini and Mynokos, which is prominent with white washed Greek style architecture. Also jump into the historical timeline of Athens on a full day trip, by exploring the Unknown Soldier's Tomb, and Hadrian’s Arch. Please ask for details and pricing.

Days: 10 Athens - Mykonos - Kusadasi - Patmos - Rhodes - Crete - Santorini - Athens
Iris Tour

This tour is an exciting but relaxing ten days of touring the Turkish Aegean coast, Greek Islands, and the majestic city of Athens. See the intensely photographed white washed houses of Santorini, and Knossos Palace, home of the ancient Minoan civilization. Many more highlights on this trip await you. Please ask for details and pricing.

Days: 11 Athens - Olympia - Delphi - Mykonos - Santorini - Athens
Rhea Tour

Marvel at the historical richness of Athens, be in awe at home of the Olympic Games, Olympia and visit the world famous Oracle of Delphi. Also on the itinerary is a visit to Mykonos and Santorini to absorb the Greek culture of these two picturesque islands. Please ask for details and pricing.

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