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Turkey Travel Centre is a fully licensed Australian travel agency (with offices in Melbourne/Australia, Istanbul/Turkey and Athens/Greece) & the proud winner of Trip Advisor Excellence Award four years in a row. We hand pick our hotels & guides as well as using the latest model tour vehicles for comfort. We operate small group Turkey tours with boutique hotels used. We are proud to advise that our tours are now listed and promoted by the official Turkish Tourism Ministry web site Go Turkey.


7 Days - Gallipoli Plus Tour - Visiting Istanbul - Gallipoli - Troy - Pergamon - Ephesus - Pamukkale - ends in Istanbul

A tour of the most prominent attractions of the North Aegean coast, including Gallipoli, the white cotton castle of Pamukkale, the ancient Roman ruins of Ephesus and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Troy. Also on the Agenda is exploration of the old and historic part of Istanbul.

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Starting From: 1,287.70 AUD

9 Days - Best of Turkey Tour - Visiting Istanbul - Ephesus - Pamukkale - Cappadocia - ends in Istanbul

Nine days to explore the best of Turkey’s main attractions and historical sites including the Roman ruins of Ephesus, the centre of old Constantinople, and the fairy chimney landscape of Cappadocia. Swim in the pool of Cleopatra at Pamukkale and enjoy the tranquillity of the house of the virgin Mary.

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Starting From: 2,102.70 AUD

11 Days - Best of Plus Gallipoli Tour - Visiting Istanbul - Gallipoli - Troy - Pergamon - Ephesus - Pamukkale - Cappadocia - ends in Istanbul

Visit the historical Gallipoli peninsula and more on this 11 day organized tour. Be wowed at the lunar landscape and cave churches of Cappadocia. Enjoy the natural spa waters of the white cotton castle called Pamukkale and enjoy touring the ancient Roman ruins of Ephesus.

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Starting From: 2,412.40 AUD

13 Days - Treasures of Turkey Tour - Visiting Istanbul - Gallipoli - Troy - Pergamon - Ephesus - Pamukkale - Cappadocia - ends in Istanbul

A tour aimed at providing comfortable travel with private transfers, and quality hotels. The itinerary include visits to Turkey’s main attractions including Gallipoli, the old part of Istanbul, and stunning Pamukkale, nicknamed white Cotton Castle and much more!

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Starting From: 2,754.70 AUD

19 Days - Grand Turkey Tour - Visiting Istanbul - Gallipoli - Pergamon - Ephesus - Pamukkale - Gulet Cruise - Kas - Antalya - Cappadocia - ends in Istanbul

Cruise the Turkish Riviera and explore highlighted attractions on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts as well as the central Anatolian region, known as the cradle between East and West. Enjoy hot air balloon flights, explore ancient ruins, and see the most amazing scenery, rarely featured in guidebooks about Turkey.

Star Rating:
Starting From: 4,384.70 AUD


Three months ago, I emailed Michael Altan requesting a quote as well as more information about his tour company. Michael replied immediately and gave me different tour options. For two months, I emailed him very frequently and asked an array of questions because I was traveling alone. His prompt responses and great professionalism were what made me book his tour company! He worked with my ideas and booked the locations I wanted to visit at an amazing price!

Upon arriving in Istanbul, Turkey, my contact travel advisor was Ihsan Dincel (co-operator of Turkey Travel Centre). Ihsan Dincel welcomed me to Turkey via telephone and provided me with his direct cell phone number to call him should anything arise. During my 13-day stay in Turkey, I did not have to worry about a single thing! All my hotel transfers, hotel stay, tour guides and accommodations were taken care of; I almost felt like family. 

While many other tour groups had to take long 10-12 hr bus rides to their next location, I enjoyed taking 3 domestic flights between cities in Turkey. Turkey Travel Centre really emphasizes their ability to make their guests comfortable during vacation and they do this every step of the way. I visited the most beautiful and breathtaking places in Turkey. On my last day in Capaddocia, the hotel required me to check out at 11:00am. My flight to Istanbul was not until 8:00pm that night. I called Ihsan Dicen and he immediately took care of it. He called the hotel and they allowed me to check-out in the evening. He is amazing!Turkish people love hospitality and take pride in making their guests feel good. 

Turkey is such a vibrant, cosmopolitan, traditional and warm country. It is safe and affordable for all tourists. You are truly in good hands with TTC.  

As a single female solo traveler, I was skeptical of visiting. I am so glad I trusted the reviews in this TripAdvisor and had the time of my life! I hope to visit again someday! Thank you so much Michael & Ihsan!! 


Hi Michael,


Just a short note to say how much we very much enjoyed our holiday in Turkey.  Some key things we learned about Turkey:

· Turkey is as safe as any other European city.   At no stage did we feel unsafe, uncertain or vulnerable.  In fact we felt very safe.  There was a good security presence at key points: airport and tourist attractions, which we found comforting.  Nor was the security presence overwhelming to the point that it made travel difficult.  We were in Turkey during the recent referendum and we saw no protests or demonstrations.  The day after the referendum was just another day in this wonderful country.

· The food is amazing.  We loved the food and there was lots of it!   The BBQ’ed lamb, beef and chicken was delicious.  The seafood at Kuşadashi was fresh and cooked over a hot grill Turkish style.  The vegetables were fresh and tender, and the fruit (especially the oranges) juicy and to die for.  We have never tasted Turkish delight like that which we found in the spice bazaar in Istanbul. 

· Turkey has a rich and diverse culture and history. If you are interested in Greek, Roman, Byzantium, Christian and Islamic history, go to Turkey.  Sitting astride the Silk Road, Turkey is a rich confluence of history and culture.  We could spend months in Istanbul walking the back streets absorbing the rich history of this wonderful city. The Greek and Roman ruins of Ephesus, Troy, Pergamon and PMD are breathtaking.  

· Turkey is very cheap.  Hotels, food, transport are all very cheap by Australian standards.  Daily living costs in most of Turkey was less than $AUS50 per person.

· The transport system is modern and very easy to use.  We caught a modern air-conditioned bus from Istanbul to Eceabat, and later a Turkish Airlines domestic flight from Denizli to Istanbul.   Services were prompt, clean and very professional.  The internal flight was as good as any flight between Sydney to Melbourne flying Qantas.

· Most importantly, the people are incredibly warm and likeable.  They have a natural affinity with Australians, not so much for our shared military experience, but we seem to share good nature and optimism.  

Michael and his team at TTC helped us pull together a trip to the Aegean and Istanbul which was truly memorable.  We were fortunate to be privately guided on most days.  The standard of guides in Turkey is very high. All were university educated, spoke beautiful English and were lovely people.  The guides were a key element to our wonderful holiday.  The accommodation booked by TTC was four star, modern, clean and comfortable.  We very much enjoyed the accommodation in Istanbul at the Dosso Dossi within walking distance of the historical old city sites. 

Most importantly, we are determined to return to Turkey as we believe that this was one of the best holidays we ever experienced.


Our thanks again and best wishes,


T. McCullagh


Hi Michael,

I want to write to tell you how much we enjoyed our two weeks travelling in Turkey. It was an eye opener from beginning to end.


We must thank our two guides – I’m sorry we didn’t get the spelling for our first guide in Istanbul but his name was pronounced Uhr? – for their kindness towards and consideration of Judy as they walked and transported us around Istanbul and all of the other remarkable places they took us to. Uhr? even went so far as to buy from a market stall, a collapsible seat for Judy so that she might rest more easily as he explained what we were seeing. He refused to let me pay for it at the end of his two days with us and at the same time insisted we take it with us for our travels with Mehmed.


Our general experiences were that Turkish people are very friendly, polite and keen to help. Some might say this is because of low tourist numbers but we  feel it is more a general trait of the Turkish. At no time while we were by ourselves in Istanbul and elsewhere did we feel anything but goodwill towards us. Also I want to say how much we enjoyed the never ending supply of food when we stopped for lunch and dinner. Invariably when we thought we were stopping for a light lunch the meal became a virtual banquet.


The accommodation throughout  was excellent perhaps apart from the Parion Hotel where we felt the staff could have been more obliging and understanding. You might have heard we had a couple of issues when we arrived at the Dosso Dossi but they were resolved very quickly and I feel we all became friends. The location of the hotel was very convenient to the Old Quarter and there was plenty of character compared with staying in a steel and glass tower. Each for its own reason the Doga Thermal and Stone Cave House hotels were the pick of our other stays and we could have happily spent more time at both. The only down side of all of our accommodation was we felt the beds could have been softer. We have mentioned that to other people who have travelled in Turkey and all have agreed with us that the beds are hard; maybe it is an Australian thing but I know we appreciate a softer bed.


Of the ancient sites we visited I think the Acropolis at Pergamon and Hierapolis in general were the two standouts while I doubt we will never forget Panorama 1453. Again Uhr? arranged for us to enter the dome using the disabled persons lift and the effect was very dramatic. Judy particularly enjoyed the hot air balloon flight and I need to thank the staff there who firstly helped her into the basket and physically lifted her out.


So all in all it was and excellent two weeks and we wished now we could have spent more time in Turkey but I know we always talk of our time there very fondly.


Kind regards,


Dear Michael

We have just completed our Turkey tour with you on Sunday. The coordination and arrangements of all tours and pickups was excellent. We found the accommodation to be five star in all cities. We were very impressed by the professionalism of the organisation. Thank you for making this a trip to remember. We will certainly recommend you to our friends and family. All the tour guides were knowledgeable and informative.

Thank you for making us so aware of your beautiful country



Dear Michael,

Thankyou for the organisation of a superb holiday in Turkey. The accommodation, guides, transfers and pickups were all excellent.

We will certainly recommend your company to friends wishing to have a unique, individual and informative tour of Turkey.

Regards, Donna and Rod


Turkey Travel Centre arranged our private tour and everything went well except the weather, but that was beyond their control! I was really impressed with the professional approach, they responded very quickly to all my queries and carried through with all arrangements. I would certainly recommend Turkey Travel Centre based on my experience.