Jen Buchanan

  • from San Francisco, USA
  • 22-10-2011

We just returned from a brilliant holiday to Turkey. It's a magical place, but our trip was definitely the better for booking with Turkey Travel Centre. Micheal always responded to our emails immediately, in a thoughtful way, trying to solve all our itinerary challenges. It's rare to find this kind of client service, especially on-line.

We visited Istanbul, Gallipoli, Kusadasi and Cappadocia. Highlights were the cooking class in Istanbul and the cave hotel in Cappadocia. Would suggest leaving at least 2 spare days for Istanbul... we had no idea how big the Grand Bazaar is!
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Arthur B.

  • from Canada
  • 12-10-2011

The tours and the organization for all was perfect and satisfying and we appreciate everything ...well done

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  • from New York, USA
  • 22-09-2011

Hi Enver, 

I just wanted to let you know again how much I appreciated your wonderful help and coordination of our vacation. It went without a problem anywhere, and I so thoroughly enjoyed Turkey. There aren't that many places I really would want to go back to visit again as it is a big wonderful world, but Turkey would definitely be on my list.

Special thanks for our accommodations in Istanbul. You should know how very accommodating and welcoming the hotel staff was and how comfortable we were there. 

Our stay in Antalya was very special as well. It seems that the smaller more intimate hotels really offer more service and are friendlier that the big and beautiful but rather impersonal and sometimes unfriendly "welcomes." You should know that. Our cave hotel in Kapadoccia was beautiful, but still very new with a few kinks to iron out, but a way to experience history with 2011 comfort.

Our trip incorporated a real variety of experiences, from ruins to exquisite architecture, from villages to modern cities, and helped give us a decent feel of Turkey. Above all, the people were delightful to meet and talk to. 

I regret that we didn't get a chance to see you before we left, but let me again express my gratitude for helping to make Nancy and my vacation terrific!

PS. Please send thanks also to Michael!

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Ellen and Bruce Carroll

  • from Mt Martha, Victoria
  • 16-09-2011
We have always been interested in visiting Turkey but concerned that our lack of knowledge of the land and people would make planning a trip difficult. We contacted Turkey Travel Centre in Melbourne by chance and are very glad we did so. Michael Altan answered every question and proposed several different itineraries as our ideas developed. Nothing was too difficult and this was shown again and again when in country Turkish colleagues provided support that turned good service into excellent service. Turkey is a great destination and when we plan our next holiday there, we will certainly be asking Turkey Travel Centre to be our travel partners!
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Randi Druzin

  • from Toronto, Canada
  • 17-08-2011

Turkey Travel Centre planned a Turkey vacation for me and a friend in August 2011. It included stops in Istanbul, Ephesus, Pamukkale and Cappadocia. As you can imagine, the 10-day trip involved numerous flights, hotel stays and guided tours. We expected to encounter some problems along the way but, as it turned out, we didn't encounter any. The entire trip went off without a hitch.

Also, even though we cancelled our hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia at the last minute due to illness, the people at TTC were able to secure a full refund for us -- and they delivered the euros to our hotel in Istanbul a few days later.

I would highly recommend working with this travel agency.

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Sandi & Anthony

  • from Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • 17-06-2011

Dear Michael, 

Thanks for everything. We thought that your tour price was most reasonable and represented good value for money, especially when one considers the standard of the accommodation.

Your agency was very efficient and stayed in contact with us the entire holiday. All stress was removed knowing that there would be someone to pick us up from and to deliver us to the airports, as we toured around Turkey. 

Your tour schedule provided many highlights for us and unexpectedly included an invitation to join you for drinks at the top of an hotel with a 360 degree view of Istanbul. A fabulous way to begin our travels of Turkey.

A highlight of our tour would have been our stay in Cappadocia and our balloon trip over the mountains and valleys ... we felt that it was a lifetime experience. 

We are very grateful for such a well planned trip.

Thank you

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K. Terry

  • from Canada
  • 14-04-2011
Hello. Thank you for booking our trip to Cappadocia. What an awesome area, packed full with ancient history. The Cappadocia Hotel was a little more opulent than was expected, but truly lovely with an excellent breakfast which was even more appreciated due to the very active tours. While both our guides and bus drivers were good, Not only the guide did he speak English very clearly, but also his knowledge of the history behind Cappadocia was considerable and delivered gradually to provide better understanding. Even more impressive, was his ability and willingness to discuss other items of interest to me: religion, politics, the Syrian refugee crisis, media reporting and economic impact of recent violence. He was no ordinary tourist guide. Thank you for the experience. My daughters and I will do our best to change attitudes in our various social and work circles. We found the Turkish people to be helpful, not too pushy with sales, considerate of tourist needs and just genuinely nice. Security was a little over the top at times, but better than the opposite.Sincerely
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Steve, Carolyn, Ana, and Dan

  • from USA Neq Mexico and Texas
  • 14-10-2010

Four of us booked the Private Istanbul Tour. We were met by a driver and a most excellent guide named Hayim. Our visits included three mosques, walking down the hippodrome, a location with cisterns, the spice market, and the bazaar. Plus, we had an excellent lunch in a conveniently located restaurant. I would be remiss if I did not praise the excellent driving of our driver in crowded conditions. Highly recommend this tour. I should note that on the day of our tour, Topkapi Palace was closed. However, we lacked nothing thanks to our skilled guide.

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Renee Graham

  • from Australia
  • 16-09-2010
I would be pleased to provide feedback for you in relation to our trip to Turkey. Firstly, thank you for providing a wonderful experience for both my mother and myself. I have never had the inclination to travel to Turkey but as mum wanted to go, I offered to join her. Not having been on a fully booked tour before, as I usually organise day trips, accommodation, flights etc myself for my family, I was very pleasantly surprised. The accommodation was very clean, presentable, friendly staff, good locations and of a high standard all round. The only drawback I found was that we did not find out our pick up times etc for the next day until late in the evening prior. Being a "plan ahead" person, this was my only concern. However, we were never left waiting and were always advised just before bedtime :) Having the extra day at the beginning and the end of the tour was great. We did some exploring in Istanbul ourselves and loved the city immensely. The hotel, Hotel Levni, was well located in the old town and was definitely a preference over areas like the New City. The staff were very accommodating. The tours over the next two days were amusing, the first being with a larger group, and the second with Hakan and just the two of us. Very personal. The travel to Gallipoli, Troy and Pergamon was very interesting, as was Ephesus and Pamukkale. The hotel at Canakkale was nicely located along the waterfront. The hotel in Kusadasi was amazing, overlooking the Aegean Sea. The Cotton Castle tour was interesting, but the hotel location for that night in Pamukkale was very remote. The hotel itself was very luxurious and the food amazing, but nothing around the hotel to see or do, and the pool was empty at the resort. The cave hotel in Cappadocia was very nice and the staff very friendly. What an amazing town. The balloon flight was definitely the highlight of our tour. It was the first time both of us had been in a hot air balloon and what an amazing landscape to fly over. The two tours were interesting, but by the second day some of the places started to look the same. Maybe we were just at the end of the “touring”. Thanks again. Renee Graham 
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  • from Canada
  • 08-09-2010
My experiences with your company and with Mehmet in particular as our tour guide - were amazing and made my experiences in Turkey that much more special for me. I couldn't have imagined my experience without the professionalism of your company. Everything flowed so seamlessly and effortlessly and I attribute it to the team of individuals at Turkey Travel Centre.
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